Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Afterschool Regrets


~School Uniform~
*Edelweiss* School-Line


[taketomi] Ayamo_Blacks

LAQ~ Evelyn [3.0 shade]

 [okkbye] Kawaii Blush


Soy. CSC - Hot noodle [decor]
Soy. CSC - Yakisoba [decor]
Soy. CSC - Udon [decor]
Soy. CSC - Trash box
Soy. CSC - Full of Trash box
Soy. CSC - Vending machine [Ice cream]
Soy. CSC - Vending machine [Udon]
Soy. CSC - Vending machine [Drink]
Soy. CSC - Promotional bench
Soy. CSC - Poster "out of order"
Soy. CSC - Poster "put garbage in trashbox"
Soy. CSC - Old prefabricated snack corner (RARE)
Urban Japanese QOO Vending Machine

*Edelweiss* School Bag (Boston)

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